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Argus Quick Clix 3185 3.2 Mega Pixel Digital Camera

The Argus Quick Clix 3185 3.2 Mega Pixel digital camera could well be called as a starter camera. Its 3.2 Mega Pixels resolution is not the best in its class but for the price you pay for it, it delivers quite an acceptable clarity. However if you want to prevent being disappointed then do resize your images using the image editor provided with the camera. Try the 1024 x 768 pixel size and the result will surprise you. It will also bring down the Kb of the file which will benefit you and others with whom you wish to share the images.

The Argus Quick Clix 3185 is far slimmer and lighter than most cameras having the same 3.2 Mega Pixel resolution. It can easily slide into your trouser pocket or be easily carried in a protective case. Its size makes it a great camera that can be stashed into a glove box or be left lying about for that instant photographic occasions. But do remember that the Quick Clix 3185 has a rather irritating 3 second shutter lag. Therefore photographing a moving object is near to impossible. Before the camera can capture is subject, the object has moved away from the screen.

In daylight the Argus Quick Clix 3185 digital camera can take decent shots. It can even take decent shots in fluorescent lights provided the subject is close enough to the light source. However the picture quality is not good if there is low light. And even the flash cannot rescue these bad images. Therefore try to take the shots only during day time. Especially in diffused sunlight. The camera works real good in such conditions.

The Argus Quick Clix is powered by three AAA batteries. An ordinary Zinc Carbon battery will last for nearly forty shots. An alkaline set of cells will last even longer - about 300 shots before it is exhausted. But these figures are with the flash off. It has an internal memory of 16 MB (claimed) but in reality it hovers around 8 MB. So you'll need to get an SD Card to store the images. The 1.1" LCD screen is terrible and good only to frame the object. So do transfer the images on the computer to get a proper view. The Argus Quick Clix 3185 3.2 Mega Pixel digital camera is available on the internet for as low as US$ 50.

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