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Digital photo gallery and album showcasing unusual angles and perspectives. Photgraphs available as free downloads on PC ( Wallpapers) and other applications. photograph, photographs, photography, photo, album, gallery, photo gallery, digital camera, pictures

Welcome to Shutterburg - Photography Bizarre!

In reality, what lies to the right is just a deviation of the angles. A mere play of light and shades. And perhaps the enthusiasm of an eye that has just been gifted a digital camera. But an introduction to the geography first. This is New Delhi, INDIA. The pictures are all part of it. From the blue skies of autumn to the pitter patter of monsoon rain. This is the Delhi we know, and love. And then there is the place I call home. My room. My views. My pastime. My camera!

It is an Argus Quick Clix 3185, 3.2 MP digital camera. A gift from my uncle. A simple point and shoot operation. I love it for its simplicity and clarity. You can buy the same from the internet for under US$ 50. And herein lies the fun. There are no Hi tech photography equipment; no professional shots. Just pure vision.

So here's hoping you find the photographs entertaining. You can save them as a wallpaper. Just click on the images to enlarge them. All images are of 1024 x 768 pixels.

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Featured Photographs

Ramjas College, DU This photograph is of Ramjas College, University of Delhi. And the reason why this has featured in this page is beacuse at one time this used to be my college. I have way too many fond memories of this place. I went there about two weeks back, and realised that a lot has changed. It was raining when I took this shot, and yet the red brick structure looks just as grand as ever. In fact I now study at the Faculty of Law which is right next to it. And yet have little time to visit it often. Date: 31st August 2006.

Two Pillows I had to take this photograph! When looked at otherwise than on a screen, the two embroidered pillows look ordinary. But when the same it snapped up it results in an explosion of colours. In fact I didn't realise it would be this good until I saw the photograph on the screen. As of this day, this picture forms my wallpaper. And yes, this is part of my guest room and the floor below it is marble; and one can see the veins in it. Look out for more snaps of my guest room! Date: 27th August 2006.

Broken Kites We celebrated our Independence Day on the 15th of this month. And it is a tradition to fly kites on this day. Its a symbol of freedom to us. The problem is that I don't know how to fly them. To the left is the remenant of my valiant attempts on that day. I failed, tore the fragile kites, and cut my finger on the sharp kite strings. in fact the strings are coated with 'manja', a mixture of egg, finely ground glass and glue. We need that to cut the others kites down. It's a sport, really. Date: 15th August 2006.

Drops of Light Well actually the photograph is of a small palm tree in the temple premises decorated with light bulbs (tiny ones) on the ocassion of Janmashtami. But it was dark and the picture took this unearthly hue when I auto balanced it. I like it. Not everything has to be the way things look. Some can be different. And it was a nice shot - like drops of light falling down. Date: 16th August 2006.

Goddess Kali I know it is often considered unholy to take snaps inside a temple but this one was taken from the outside, so it's okay. This is indeed the local Kali Mandir, and the deity is in the small room in the center. The relief work is done in terracotta. In fact the Krishnanagar area of West Bengal state is famous for artisans who excel in this art. I took this snap on the day of Janmashtami. People were more interested in Lord Krishna and so had left Kali in peace. Though you can still see a few devoties stitting before her. Date: 16th August 2006.

Janmashtami This has to be one of the most popular festivals around - the birth of Lord Krishna. And on the left is a tableau of his journey away from the clutches of his evil uncle. Krishna, newly born, is in the basket on the man's head. Such tableaus are put up in all places. And they look great with tiny lightbulbs and beautifully done backgrounds. Date: 16th August 2006.

The Lamp A bane of living in New Delhi is the frequent power outrages. And now even more than before. The floods in the state of Gujrat has cut off gas supplies to local power plants and thus the whole area is facing a massive power shortage. This photograph was taken late into the night, when the inverter batteries had run down, and the kerosine lamp was the only light source available for us. And in case you're wondering, this is the dinner table. Date: 11th August 2006.

The Alley It's a dark photograph and I really intended it to be this way. Which is why I didn't even bother to colour balance it. It is in fact a snap of an alley lit by a single monochromatic light source. It doesn't make for good visibility but does make for a great photograph. The place has recently been paved and the bushes have been cleared out. I'm just waiting for the time when this too becomes another car park for the local residents. Date: 11th August 2006.

The Error Sometimes even an error can be great. The photograph to the left is just a missfire. A three second shutter lag meant that the taker (not me) though that the snap had been taken, and removed the camera. This is what came out - a view through a glass pane of a dining table of a college canteen. The green hue is due to the green roof overhead. Makes for a great wallpaper though! Date: 8th August 2006.

The Broken Cycle This is one of what lies my terrace. A bicycle ridden, broken and now forgotten. It lies abandoned under the summer sun and now the light drizzle that fell upon it. I see it every day, and everyday I can find one more area of rot. One more area falling to pieces. Its days are well over. And yet none has bothered to bury it. Its torment is not yet over. Date: 6th August 2006.

Clothesline I knew it it would make a great shot. The clothes have been taken off in anticipation of rain, which did come eventually. This photograph has been taken just after the last drop of rain had touched the parched earth. I like the way the clips line up against the clouded sky. The multicoloured clothes clips are waiting for their next client. But that would only come after the next day's washing. Date: 6th August 2006.

The Greens This shot has been taken just as the rain was getting done. This is still my terrace, and these are a few of the plants we have over here. I'm really glad to see the plants enjoying the rains. The washed up leaves shine bright after every downpour. And not to mention the water does them good. New leave sprout out and flowers bloom. Date: 6th August 2006.

Gathering Clouds I took this photograph from my terrace. It's the fag end of the monsoon season here in New Delhi, and the sky has taken a brilliant azure hue. I found these clouds floating one afternoon and simply captured the shot. It might have looked beautiful in the open sky, but it takes a menacing stance within a frame. And this is what I love about this photograph. Date: 6th August 2006

Laughing Buddha One has to really look hard to decipher this one. But this is really a statue of a laughing Buddha under a lamp. I took this shot without a flash, in my reception room. The photograph exudes a certain clamness. The bright spot within a relative dark surrounding creates this atmosphere of peace and quiet. A view of the same thing in daylight would be quite different, but equally pleasing to the eye. Date: 5th August 2006.

The Skylight This is actually a picture shot from my bed. It was evening, and the sun had already set. But it was still bright outside with the remenants of the day. A small amount of light moved in through the skylight above the door, and in the darkness it look beautiful - like a dream of a world beyond. Date: 3rd August 2006.

The Parkway I went to a local park today. Its a beautiful place right in the heart of Chittranjan Park, New Delhi. Chittranjan Park is basically a residential area with several parks. A beautiful locality in South Delhi, CR Park, as it is commonly known, is called the Bengali Colony for its large Bengali population. dated: 6th August 2006.

The Temple This is perhaps the most easily recognisable landmark of CR Park - the Kali Mandir, or the temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali. I took this photograph uner a light cloud cover, and at a time when the daily morning worship was coming to a close. It's a massive complex situated on a small hill right in the most densely populated area of CR Park. Apart from the Goddess Kali, the other deities situated here are Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. Date: 6th August 2006.

Shoeline This is a photograph of the entrance to the Kali temple. Visitors have to take off their shoes before they can enter the temple. Same with any house here. One has to take off their shoes before they enter. This is to keep at bay the dirt and germs that can enter the place through the shoes. ut this photograph is more symbolical than just that. Just look at the different types of shoes, colours and you can get a sense of collective humanity. Date: 6th August 2006.

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